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    All the best of the inauguration of the “Corti Veneziani” brewery

    All the best of the inauguration of the “Corti Veneziani” brewery

    4 September 2016 In News
    The Corti Veneziani Brewery is the example of the entrepreneurship of the land that does not give up and takes courage and strength from the present situation to create something new, valorising and bringing wealth and fun to its own territory.

    On December 14, 2015, just a few days after Christmas, Dolo was a little miracle.

    After the terrible tornado that crashed across the Brenta Riviera, leaving behind rubble and destruction, a group of entrepreneurs decided to turn the page, setting up the Birrificio Corti Veneziane to brunch along with a prosperous future and full of success.

    In a state-of-the-art and technologically advanced plant, a team of skilled entrepreneurs, technicians and beer masters created a collection of beers of unique taste and zero kilometers.

    At the grand inauguration of December 14, 2015, Dolo’s establishments hosted the first 5 beers of the Corti Veneziane family: Biondina, Cankara, Boca da Basi, Ciaro de Luna and Redentor, to whom the latest addition to Kanaja was added.

    For many, it was love at first glance and for all those present a happy occasion of conviviality and fun, cheered by the notes of a historic band of the territory: the Pitura Freska.

    The image of the Venetian Corti beers was handled by young Silvia Salmaso, responsible for the brewery Trade Trade, Silvia has cared for the logo and the design of the bottles.

    At the inauguration of the brewery, Ivan Pulina, a brewing technician, spoke about the Venetian Corti plant: the most avant-garde in the Veneto, producing more than 20 hectoliters of beer a day.

    The adventure of the Venetian Corps has certainly not ended here. We are waiting for you every Monday for our tastings, from 18:00 to 19:00 at the Dolo factories. Do not miss!