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    Kanaja: The favorite Rumatera beer

    Kanaja: The favorite Rumatera beer

    Kanaja is the latest arrival of the large Corti Veneziane craft beer brewery.
    Its history deserves to be told because it contains all the strength of a land that never surrenders.
    It was September 19th, 2015 when the “MAI PAURA DAY” was organized at Palasport di Dolo: an event aimed at helping the families of the area that had suffered damage during the tornado on the Riviera del Brenta in the summer of 2015.

    The “MAI PAURA DAY” saw the participation of numerous local authorities, entrepreneurs and artists of the area, united by the will to help Dolo’s families to resume and share without fear of the future.

    The case wanted the Salmaso Family to participate in the event representing the entrepreneurship of the territory, and the renowned rock band Rumatera loved for their music sung in Venetian dialect and for “maintaining a mindset and a sincere style not conditioned by the dominant style “.

    From this first encounter was born the idea of ​​creating an Artisan Beer that reflected these features, that it was zero miles, without preservatives or dyes. A perfect beer to promote during concerts, a delicious beer and over the lines, in a nutshell: a KANAJA.




    Giorgio Gozzo con la maglietta di Corti Veneziane all' HOME FESTIVAL di Treviso

    Giorgio Gozzo with the T-shirt of Corti Veneziane at the HOME FESTIVAL in Treviso