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Beer Production

Where does the production of theArtisan Beer Corti Veneziane come from?

The venetian Corti Veneziane beer has its root in the past years. Our brewmasters have brought back from old recipes to transformed the malt, the hop and spring water in a unique thing.

Corti Veneziane offers its exclusive production of artisan beer which is inspired by the splendor of the Serenissima Republic, for the creation of a set of refreshing and unique tasting beers.

Pure water, hops of the finest varieties, natural yeast and malt are the ingredients of this artisan beer:
a non-pasteurized and unfiltered product, unique and absolutely unrepeatable.

A zero-kilometer Venetian beer, if we can say so, homemade, produced directly in the Dolo factory in the province of Venice, without preservatives and of excellent quality.

The brewmasters that produce it also add to it a secret ingredient: passion in their work and choice of raw materials.

Corti Veneziane: Production of artisan beers all to try!


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